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Passion is an international concept

Going my heartest – The tour. Düsseldorf, Germany to Wisełka, Poland – Aproximately 820 Km from home
The first photo in the beautiful alley
Smooth, winding, black roads. Motorcycle heaven!
The border between Germany and Poland.
Gazing at the moon together… Feeling endlessly happy and grateful! Thanks to everyone who support and believe in me!
Help is always just around the corner…


Ok. At some point the bags are packet, the keys to the apartment are in my neighbour’s postbox, I’m taking a deep breath and I’m kickstarting my bike. With a seven hour delay I finally started driving, wanting the trip to finally begin! At 8:30pm I was still confident that I was going to make it to my friend in Hamburg sometime in the middle of the night, get some rest and start early to Rostock… It felt so very right to drive! 6km into the journey the tacho stopped working. Here’s Murphy’s law in action. This spindle must have been the only spare part I’m not having with me… I’m thinking, that it’s sad that I won’t be able to tell now how many kilometers I have made, but it’s also quite metaphoric to not being able to think about this journey within numbers. I somehow like the idea that from the tacho’s point of view, I will be standing still for the next 3 months…

It’s been a while since I was really traveling distances on my motorcycle. I can’t help to underestimate the time it takes. I’m doing for example 100kmh for one hour and I’ve made maybe 80km in distance. There is a mystery. But I will have to live with it.

First road stop after about 1 hour. It is cold. Time to jump into my black Spaceman suite, my Dad’s old Motorcycle clothes. Fits over two layers of pants and 5 layers of sweatshirts. Perfect! I can’t move as freely anymore, but I can’t feel the wind or the cold. Hamburg, here I come!

At first it’s the protected feeling that fainted after about 30 minutes. Here was the cold again. Three hours later I found myself trying to warm up at the roadhouse halfway to Hamburg… Around midnight there was no soup anymore, only coffee and tea. Now the thought of Hamburg started slightly fainting as well… Took me one hour to feel normally warm again. The thought of Hamburg came back! One and a half hour later I found myself in a wind still and warm trucker hotel near Delmenhorst, instantly falling asleep while I was laying down.

It’s quite comfortable to sleep in a motorcycle suite. The further I would go, the warmer it should get was my last thought…

I made it to Rostock at 3pm the next day. Not the plan, not my idea, but I guess it’s the motorcycle who’s right in the end. It was great to experience the last hours of the Hanse-days in Rostock and to meet with friends from Neuss and from Pskow. I even ran into the major of Pskow, who asked my where the motorcycle is. I said that it will be in front of his door in about two weeks. He cracked a smile reached into his jacket and gave me his business card with the words: ‘If you have any trouble at the border, call this number.’ From this moment on I was hoping for a problem on the border to see how well authority works in Russia J

I stayed longer in Rostock than I wanted. Probably because I got here much later.

At almost midnight I started driving to find a place to sleep. I knew from the first motorcycle trip with my bike, along the German east coast about 6 years ago, that there are plenty of camp spots and that they are open all night and that it is possible to do your thing and pay in the morning. Two hours into driving I was tired and here was a beautiful spot, not too far from Stralsund. So here my personal camp season starts!

The next morning, I was all about keep going, make experiences so you can write about something and so on. I haven’t taken a photo or video so far! The people are waiting! I made a coffee and packed my stuff. Then came Jürgen. He was traveling around the area with his wife and a motorcycle in the back of their car. Of course, he would start chatting with me about the bike, my trip, his trip and so on. I enjoyed the conversation as I love to get in touch with people. And as the nature of a traveler is curiosity, it seems like I’m automatically attracting people with an alike nature. After 20 minutes he took off, saying he would tell his wife Elke about the xt parking on the spot. 5 Minutes later there was Elke and Jürgen again, with a cup of coffee and now we’ve extended our conversation. Jürgen told me how much he loves his job, but how wrong he feels about not being able to travel longer than 2 weeks. We agreed that the system is too hard on the concept of time and that it would benefit if it would serve the nature of its participants more. Imagine Jürgen being able to travel maybe 6 weeks to fulfill his dream to go to Australia and New Zealand! Why not!? What is more important than living your dream every once in a while?! Imagine him coming back to his work place, so full of satisfaction and gratefulness. He would radiate the place out and just be a joy to everyone! He would be more devoted to his work and boss than ever before and with his lightness he would inspire his colleagues as well. The world is opening up and this should not only be beneficial for companies and business but also to the people. The world is out of balance I thought. And traveling is just the metaphor. I have met people with super intensive jobs and lots of money who simply don’t have the time for the things they love. Then there are people who desperately want to work, trying not to worry and survive within the time they have.

I feel blessed to be able to travel the way I do. It’s really doing what I love, but I have also gone quite a walk for it. The system is not very supportive to people like me. Of course not, it fears that if they are more people doing what they love, than no one is left to feed the system. But what kind of system is it that doesn’t support love and works with fear?

I have told Elke and Jürgen that the nature of our system is a big part of why I’m traveling this time. The more I have traveled the more I have found out that there is no reason to believe the fearful images the media is creating about the world. They are ghosts that are supposed to make us fear the unknown. I can read this fear in almost every reaction from people to my current travel idea, and I see it almost everywhere and it scares me, because I don’t think that this fear is part of our original nature. If it was, we would still live in caves now. Also, fear doesn’t leave room for love and trust, the things that the word needs the most. I have never met the idea of a person from another country, I have always met individual people just wanting to live a happy and peaceful life, having a roof over their head, enough to eat and people around them who love them and let them love them back. These experiences I made, not only while I was travelling, but also moving with an open heart in my own country, really urges me more and more to share my experiences, to contribute to a counterweight of what the media and our own mind is telling us. I simply want to contribute to the truth. They say, that you’re participating in the lies, if you don’t speak up. And I’m not saying that they aren’t any dangers in the world or people who want to harm you. But it’s not about a race or culture, they can be found everywhere and if you’re familiar with their sort of nature, you learn more and more to avoid them and take care of yourself. And the same radar also helped me to sense who’s good natured. And hands to my heart, most people are!

Elke and Jürgen were one of them. We chatted for almost 4 hours and I could feel my resistance to taking my time and welcome myself inside this journey finally start to disappear. I was slowing down, let go and devote myself to having a plan and idea but letting life dictate the content and velocity. I know that this won’t be the authentic report if I don’t feel and move authentic. Here’s no room for fulfilling a plan, here’s a plan that will fulfil itself and I’m just the observer, serving the idea.

Thanks to Elke and Jürgen for pinning me to the spot that morning!

I checked out Stralsund on my bike for a while, did some paperwork (yes, I even have my tax papers with me which I will have to finish as soon as I get my computer to go online! So romantic! J). At 6pm I was again on my way further east. At some point, I will have to manipulate a little bit, I’m thinking, starting more early, driving throughout the day and to not having to find a place to sleep when it’s dark already. It would make more sense… See what happens!

The further east I’m going the more I’m leaving home and the backpack of everyday life. I can feel how my brain is falling out of its usual thinking routine with every kilometer. I feel great! The landscape is beautiful, the roads are motorcycle heaven! I welcome myself in the reality of travelling and living the dream. I can’t hardly believe it and all over a sudden an overwhelming feel of gratitude overcomes me. I feel endlessly grateful for all the people who supported me and made this trip possible. It’s a miracle to me and I’m thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart, my family, my friends, the colleagues and everyone who surprised me out of nowhere, showing up and supporting me and my undertake, believing in me and feeling good about supporting me. Thank you so much forever!

Your spirit is with me and I can feel the wind in my back!

I found an amazing alley which I remembered from my first trip. It is right next to a new, well paved road. Who wants the easy road, if the simple one is more beautiful? I love to travel on the traces of the past. Every part of history is part of my own history as everything is connected. Finding out about the world makes it more fun for me to live here. Then there was finally the moment: I felt the urge to take out my camera and I took my first shots and video. Here’s where I felt I wanted to share something.

I could drive and bend myself into the winding black roads forever. I love to open my helmet and let the wind blow into my face and around my nose. The east smells wonderful and the sun set does its magic and dyes everything with a golden shimmer. It probably does this every evening, I just don’t notice it when I’m maybe stressing to get to a job in time. It’s a pity… But I’m grateful nature didn’t stop doing its magic although most of us don’t notice anymore. I’m grateful to be reminded and experience once more that the world is beautiful!

Sun has set when I’m passing the boarder to Poland. Or rather what’s left. Two poles, marking the end of Germany and the beginning of Poland and about four meters in between marking, -eh, what? Noman’s land? Although I don’t understand the concept of boarders, it feels interesting to move within them. It is so obvious that it is such a human concept and the rest of the world doesn’t care or lives up to it. The trees and plants, animals and insects and laws of nature are the same on each side… Just like the people. I don’t know why we’re making such a fuss about this. I appreciate different cultures, tastes, looks and opinion as it is part of the variety of which our world is simply made of. But I don’t appreciate the idea that this makes us different in the core of what we are and that we milk the fact of variety to point out our differences and to argue that we are separate from another. That to me is just such a deadbeat, boring and simply ineffective habit when you want to still your thirst of getting to know the place you inhabit.

It was dark when I left Swinoujscie and took the ship across the river and decided to find a camp spot along the coast route to Danzig. At a roundabout I was lost along with another man. I heard male voices talking in the dark backside of a house. I went to the gate and asked for help in English. The voices silenced and then one voice said ‘one moment’. I heard footsteps. A few seconds later a woman showed up it in the streetlight speaking german! And I was expecting a polish man I would have a hard time speaking with! I love how bad my expectations can be… She brought a map and spread it one the street and helped me and the other man to find our way. She also confirmed that that will be a camp spot in the next village on the coast. I took off and found the camp spot right away- but it was closed. The door was locked… Seems to be a concept, because I have found two more locked up camp spots. Yeah, I should really change my travel rhythm a little bit…

It was not yet midnight when I keep driving along the coast road, passing little villages with guest houses that were completely dark. I’m picking up the feeling that the people living here, are not such a night junkie like me and appreciate the natural rhythm of night and day. But where will I be able to sleep then tonight? I saw light in a big house on a street corner. It was a guest house. I looked through the window and could see two ladies watching tv. Maybe this gate will not be locked… To my relief the gate and door was open. I stepped inside, taking off my helmet as I didn’t want to show up here as a spaceman and scare anybody. I kept saying ‘Hello! Good evening! Excuse me!’ I stepped closer to the room with the light, one of the women showed up and couldn’t help to scare herself! She busted out a scream but then realized very quickly that it was just me! Her sister showed up too and we started to have a very nice chat. I was served some tea and curiously asked about where I’m from and why I’m travelling. I started with a brief summary and the lady just looked at me, cracked a smile and said: ‘You’re simply doing what you love, young lady!’ And I thought that this must be the best summary that there is.

Passion is an international concept and recognized in every part of the word and this lady picked it up as well. And it makes us feel familiar with each other. We chatted about one hour and of course they had a room for me in their beautiful place. And a parking spot for my bike right in the back of the house, just outside the kitchen door. I felt welcomed and happy about having stepped into this special place… No need for a dream in the night as the day has already been one!

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Passion is an international concept