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Travelling this magnificent planet on my bike, meeting its people, sharing its stories, going my heartest.

Hi, my name is Melanie, I was born in Germany, and ever since I’ve met my bike in 2011, we’re inseparable. Together we’ve explored most of Europe so far, and since I’m a camerawoman, I love documenting and sharing my experiences. In 2018, we’ve taken a trip through Eurasia, inspired by my grandather, who was a prisoner of war in Russia. I was able to visit the places he has been and a few more countries on my way and meet its extraordinary people and culture. Around my neck, I had a camera hanging and have finally edited a five-episode documentary about this trip. You can watch it on my YouTube channel



The heartest

Several documentaries are showing us: it’s possible to travel this planet. So, what do we do with this possibility? The heart of every travel for me is the practice of connection. How can I connect with the space? How an I connect with the people? How can I connect with you, the ones I’m sharing my passion with. These questions excite me even more than the fact that „I can make it“. So, the heartest is simply the practice to give room to the heart of a travel. To meeting people, sharing the space with them, making the connection, being in the moment and to make way for touches and inspiration.


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